We’re sure you must have heard about affiliate marketing. You might also have heard how people earn tons of money through affiliate marketing programs just sitting at their home. But some of you might not have any idea what affiliate marketing programs are. While some of you may want to be more clear about affiliate marketing programs, don’t worry. We will help you clear up. Affiliate marketing is a part of digital marketing. If you don’t have any idea about digital marketing, our previous blog about digital marketing will clear the clouds on your mind. Before we dig into how do affiliate marketing programs work, we will explain to you about affiliate marketing programs. 

What is affiliate marketing?

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You might have gone to a website and see links that direct to other websites. Well, that is a part of affiliate marketing. In simple words, affiliate marketing programs are programs in which the merchants promote other people’s product and earn a commission from it. Affiliate marketing programs are an eminent way to make money anytime, anywhere, even when you are sleeping. If you are tired of your 9-5 work, then affiliate marketing perfectly suits you.

Basically, affiliate marketing programs include four core players for it to work; they are:

The Merchant

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Without creating something, you cannot use it. The merchant is also known as the creator or the seller. It is a party that offers or sells goods and services. Thus, it provides a commission to the people who help them promote their products and services. The merchants can be a single person or a big company. It is responsible for attracting affiliates, paying affiliates, carrying out linking methods and monitoring results. 

Merchants even use various software to keep track of the sales and profits. It could also be a social media influencer. The primary role of affiliate merchants is to increase traffic, brand awareness and sales through online advertising on different networks. The ads you see in the middle of a video on various sites are one of the examples of work done by the affiliate merchants. Other work affiliate merchants do are creating flash banner ads, static banner ads or text links. To carry out the advertising process, merchants select a single one or a bunch of publishers/affiliates.


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An affiliate or a publisher is someone who the merchants pay for showing ads set up by the merchants onto the publisher’s site. One way publisher sells the products is through giving a link or a code, through which their followers click in to buy. Then the publisher gets a commission once their follower purchases through their site. Depending on the followers and the number of buyers, they can earn a little or a bunch. They don’t need to work actively, once they promote the products, they could be making money while sleeping. If you have tons of followers that appreciate your existence on any site, this job will perfectly fit for you. This job requires little to no effort, plus, you can earn money anytime and anywhere. 

Publishers can publish the link or ads provided by the merchants or code onto their social media sites. Or they can even publish in their websites or any other platform where they will get maximum attention. So, if you are thinking to create a website of your own, we are right here for you. Create a website of your own with us, the best digital marketing company in Nepal. The primary role of a publisher or affiliate is to bring massive traffic to the product or services they are trying to provide. 

Affiliate Network


Publishers require a medium through which they can find the affiliate marketing programs. Well, the affiliate network is the medium that publishers use to choose the product they want to sell and get a commission from the merchants. Affiliate networks act as an intermediary between the publishers and the merchants. Publishers can make a deal with any partners as per their wish and sell their products. Different sites pay different rates of commission, so publishers are likely to choose those affiliate programs that are likely to give a high commission. Some of the top affiliate programs are:

The Emptor


The Emptor or the buyer is the person who purchases the product through the affiliate link, given by the affiliate/publisher. Emptor plays a vital role in any marketing. They use the codes provided by the publisher/affiliate to make their purchase. And once they purchase the product through the link, the publishers get a certain amount of commission by the merchants. If there is no buyer, what is the use of selling, right? Thus, the main goal of all the entrepreneurs while starting a business will be to attract customers. Not just a little, but as many customers as they can. So the primary strategy of any company should be to earn the loyalty of customers. You can earn their loyalty by giving them the satisfaction through the product and services you are trying to sell.