This is the world of digital. And if you have not heard the term digital marketing, our previous blog is all about digital marketing. In simple words, digital marketing is the market that runs in the digital world. Meaning: it is marketing done through digital devices on the web. Whether you’re working in the digital marketing field or merely interested in how virtual marketing works, you should always know what’s going on in the digital world too.

The only way to stay up-to-date about digital marketing is through blogs. Not just any blog, but reading the best blogs about digital marketing.Blogs are an excellent source of new information that relates to digital marketing. You can find tons of articles regarding digital marketing on the internet. Some of them may be accurate, and some are just a waste of time to read. So which blog should you read?

In this blog, we will be telling you about some popular blogs that every digital marketer must know. These blogs are some of the best blogs on the internet about digital marketing that you must follow:

The Moz

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If you are a blog lover, then you must have heard of the Moz Blog. Moz is one of the websites that has the best blogs regarding digital marketing. If you’re currently a digital marketer or if you want to know how digital marketing works, then you should probably be following Moz blogs. Moz blogs mainly focus on SEO. These blogs are written not by any blogger but top SEO specialists. So if you are a beginner, you can start your knowledge of SEO. But if you already know what SEO is, be ready to learn more new things. There are more than 100’s of blogs that you do not want to miss out. Also, Moz ranks 6233 out of millions of websites on the global internet engagement.

The Moz blog ranks fourth on google’s search engine result page for “digital marketing.” These blogs are not just any blog. If you want to ace your career in SEO, don’t miss these best blogs. Also, if you want to know the up to date SEO strategy, you won’t regret reading The Moz blog


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Unbounce is a company that produces landing pages for websites. Most of the bogs are about the landing page. And you must know how necessary it is to know about landing page right? It is a great place to learn how to convert the interest of your audience to action on your website. Unbounce is also a great site that not only teaches you about landing page but other pages that you probably have never heard of before. If you are searching for best blogs about digital marketing or online marketing, then be sure to keep Unbounce’s blog on your list. Unbounce ranks 44 on google’s search engine result page for “online marketing.” It’s blog mainly feature about how to build a website that increases site traffic increasing conversion rate. So if you want to know how to make great content, be sure to check Unbounce out.


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Hubspot is the developer of the software products for inbound marketing plus sales. The main focus of its product is to aim for social media marketing, content management, search engine optimization, and web analytics. Their blogs are also essential to learn if you want to do something on the digital marketing field or want to know how digital marketing works. These blogs are useful for startups as well as for the old ones in the marketing fields. Hubspot ranks 442 on global internet management. So make sure to read them out if you want to follow up with new trends.

If you want to know what inbound marketing is or if you want to know how content marketing works, Hubspot is the right place for you. Additionally, HubSpot’s blog can be the best go-to place for you if you want to learn more about inbound marketing. 

Content Marketing Institute

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You do know how the knowledge of content marketing is vital, don’t you? Content marketing is essential if you want to bring more conversion to your business through different sources. It can be through your website, social media, or a blog or even through email marketing. Thus, the Content Marketing Institute can be beneficial to you because almost everything they post is regarding content marketing. Their website ranks 42131 on global internet engagement. Content Marketing Institute is one of the leading content marketing training organization that teaches customers how to attract and retain customers through storytelling. Their blogs are all about the latest content marketing strategies. You can learn about new tools, content structure, and many more through their blog.

Neil Patel

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Every digital marketer knows who Neil Patel is. Neil Patel is one of the best selling authors in the New York times, plus he is one of the top influencers. Website of Neil Patel, known as Neil Patel Digital, ranks fourth on google’s search engine result page for “digital marketing” and second for “online marketing.” NP Digital posts different strategies regarding digital marketing or online marketing regularly. Also, their website ranks 4146 on global internet engagement. Check out the site yourself to find out more exciting and best blogs regarding digital marketing.


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Copyblogger was a one-person blog, but it slowly evolved into a highly profitable company. It is basically a source of information for any content makers or marketers. It can be an excellent source for a free content marketing education. Their blog focuses mainly on creating perfect content that leads to a higher conversion rate. Copyblogger ranks 25 on google’s search engine result page for “online marketing.” Plus, their website ranks 29238 on global internet management. So if you are an old marketer or you want to start a new business, you can always look up to the Copyblogger blogs. It will tell you how to create unique and creative content.


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Ahrefs blog is also one of the most preferable and best blogs for digital marketers. It’s blog ranks 30 on google’s search engine result page for “online marketing.” And the fantastic thing is that their website ranks 5789 out of millions of website on global internet engagement. Thus, it clearly says their blogs are not written just like that. Now you know why their blogs are said to be the best blogs. The blogs of Ahrefs helps you to get better at marketing. It also helps you with improving your SEO. With Ahrefs‘ best blogs regarding keyword research, link building, SEO basics, etc. anyone can ace the SEO platform. 


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Backlinko is all about Seo. And most of the entrepreneurs who need SEO advice goes to Backlinko. So if you too are an entrepreneur or wish to be one, Backlinko is a great place. You can find the best blogs regarding SEO. From optimizing your website to creating great content, most of the entrepreneurs have laid their back on Backlinko. So if you wish to make your website rank higher on the Search Engine Result Page(SERP), you can trust Backlinko. As I have already said, Backlinko can be a great source of best blogs regarding SEO. Backlinko ranks 19 for SEO on the search engine result page. It is the best place for next-level SEO training and link building strategies. Plus their blogs are one of the best blogs every digital marketer prefer to read.