In our previous blog, we explained to you the guide to social media. We told you how social media could make your business viral any minute by using correct strategies. If you haven’t checked that blog yet. What are you waiting for? That will be the best blog you will ever read about social media strategy, we promise. Now, in this blog, we are going to talk about one of the features of top trending social media. And that trending social media is Instagram. Yes! This blog will only speak about hashtags. We will tell you how you can use hashtags to make your post viral. And we will also be talking about the types of Instagram hashtags and where you can use them. Now, some of you must be thinking what this Instagram hashtag is? What does it do? Have patience. We will answer it all.

What is an Instagram hashtag?

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You must have heard of a twitter hashtag, haven’t you? Initially made popular by Twitter fans, the best Instagram hashtags are here to stay for a longer time. The Instagram hashtag also works as a Twitter hashtag. But if you haven’t heard of a Twitter hashtag, let us explain it to you in detail. In the social media world, a hashtag is simply used to drag the maximum attention of the audience. It not only attracts your audience, but it also helps you promote it. You put it before the keyword that you type in to search for anything you want. E.g., you want to search for a wedding photographer for your wedding.

You go to Instagram, on the explore section, you type “Wedding photographer.” Then tons of user’s account, photos appear on your search result. These accounts contain the keyword “Wedding photographer” that you were trying to search. That’s why it appeared in the search section. Well, in short, an Instagram hashtag is a feature of Instagram that allows your content to reach in the respective audience. It also helps your content to get more audience reach than usual content without a hashtag. 

How to use an Instagram hashtag?

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Using Instagram hashtag is very simple. And everyone can use as per their choice. You just need to put the hashtag sign in front of your respective keyword. For example, you want to sell a cute water bottle. When people search for a water bottle, you want your water bottle also to appear on the feed. To do that, you must know what your audience will type in to search.

For your case, they might type water bottle. Now you just need to keep a hashtag before the keyword “water bottle” and use it in the caption of your post. In this blog, you will master how you can use different types of best Instagram hashtags to expand your reach. There are many tools which will help you generate Instagram hashtags for you. In no time will you come up with exciting and best Instagram hashtags that will increase your reach so much higher.

Where can you use an Instagram hashtag?

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You can use the Instagram hashtag in different places. If your Instagram account is about specific things like sketching, then you can use a hashtag related to your work on bio as well. If your Instagram account features different contents, then you can use the Instagram hashtag on the caption of your post. You can even use it in the comment section if you want your caption section to look clean. If you don’t want to look stupid using tons of Instagram hashtag by yourself, you can tell someone you trust to comment those hashtags instead of you. 

Types of Instagram hashtags:

Multiple Location Hashtags

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When you scroll through the feed, you must have seen most of the posts of places that have nothing but location tags. Location hashtag is some of the popular hashtags that include location. For example, you might want to share your picture with Eiffel Tower as a background. If so, then you can use these best Instagram hashtag: #eiffeltower #eiffeltowerphotography #eiffeltowerview #eiffeltowerselfie. Or you can even include the location of the Eiffel tower. E.g., #france #paris #ParisFrance You can use the hashtag in your post as long as it relates. But remember, when you use the hashtag, don’t use it in an annoying way that will make your current user lose interest on your page. 

Hashtags related to your niche

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Another type of hashtag is those hashtag that uses the keyword related to your niche. This includes your hashtag containing the work you do. For example, if you are an artist that sketches portrait only, then the best Instagram hashtag for you to use can be #portraitsketching #portraitsketchingworkshop #Sketching #portraitsketcher #sketchingcharacter #sketchingpeople #portraitface #portraithuman. You can use any hashtag that is popular, and that can define your work or your niche. Everyone loves to come across exciting stuff. That’s why they’re on social media. Along with amazing pictures, add a catchy caption. If you invest some time creating the best Instagram hashtags, then people WILL find you.

Hashtag for branding

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This hashtag is the most popular type of hashtag that people use to make their post feature on top brand’s page. Big companies have their own brand hashtag. For example, Coca-cola has made its own hashtags like #RefreshTheFeed #TogetherIsBeautiful. KFC makes their own hashtags like #secretrecipeforsuccess.

Similarly, different popular companies have their own hashtags. Now, let us suppose you are a makeup artist, and you are trying to make your makeup looks popular. Then, you can use hashtags that include popular brands that relate to makeup. So that when someone searches for the brand, your post will also appear on the page. And if they like your work. Congratulations, you got a new follower. This way, you can get more reach if audience. Another way that can make you popular is by getting featured by the hashtag owner.

Hashtags for industry purpose

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Another type of hashtag is the one for the industry. That doesn’t mean using names of different industries as your hashtag. No, that is not what we mean to say. Industry hashtags are those hashtag that represents the industry that you work for. If you are a blogger, you can use the hashtag #blogger, and if you are a designer, you can use a hashtag like #artist. If you are unemployed or want to do more jobs, you might get a job too. How? Let us tell you.

A lot of people will look up for an artist that can draw the painting of specific things they want. On the other side, they might also want to design a dress for their upcoming event. When they search for an artist just to paint a beautiful painting, their eyes will lay upon your post. And if they like your work. You might be the next designer for their dress. So be sure to do a quick hashtag research before you post.