Not anyone knows the power of social media. If you know what social media can do, great! You can use it for your benefit. For some of you, if you have no idea what social media can do, make your seat belt tide. Because we are going on a social media roller coaster. Social media has the power to change the world. You must be thinking we are kidding, but we are not! It can really change the world. The total population of the world is 7.38 billion, and 3.48 billion people use one or another social media. Amazing, isn’t it? Now you know the power of social media. The critical fact is that anything can go viral at any moment. But not anything just gets viral. But the things that go viral are especially pointless or let’s say hilarious things.

So how to make something go viral on social media using the right technique? And the answer is by using the correct best social media management tools. Yes! You can increase your engagement on your social media drastically by using the right social media management tools. And in today’s technical world, anyone can succeed if they have the right social media management tools with them. In this blog, we will be telling you about the best social media management platform that will manage all your social media. After all, our work is to help others in need. So tie your seat belt and head-on with us. Because here lie the best social media management tools to handle all your social media accounts:

Best social media scheduling tools:


best social media scheduling tools

Buffer is one of the best social media management tools, that war built to manage social media accounts. It helps you to schedule your social media posts on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest (upgraded version). Thus, when you do not have time to post, it will automatically post it for you. You can queue your post, and they will post it for you. You can customize the timing anytime you want. If you think you will not be able to post something important today or later day, the Buffer will do it for you. It is very simple to use.

Buffer also allows you to get an analytic report of your social media accounts.In addition, it also enables you to reply to the message from different Social media accounts at once. Amazing, isn’t it? You can use Buffer to post on private account or public account or even a business account. 

If you ask about the pricing, Buffer is free up to handling three social media accounts, and you can schedule up to ten posts. On the paid version, it will handle from 8 to 150 accounts and the price will range from $15 to $99 according to the package that you choose. And the pricing goes $15 per month, $65 per month, or $99 per month.


best social media management platform

HootSuite also lies in one of the best social media management platform that is quite similar to Buffer when it comes to scheduling. But the good thing about Hootsuite is that it has the feature of handling more social media platforms. Hootsuite helps you to manage social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms like Foursquare, WordPress, Tumblr, MySpace, Mixi, and Youtube in case if you need it. It also helps you in boosting. Hootsuite analysis your social media account and builds a report of the engagement of your social media account. Thus, Hootsuite can be of great help to make an insightful report of your social media. It also helps you to protect your accounts, making it clean in appearance. 

About the pricing, Hootsuite provides you with a 30-day trial for professional and for teams that need to collaborate, The pricing ranges from $19 to $599, and they handle from 10 to 35 social media profiles according to the plan you choose. The prices go $19 per month, $99 per month or $599 per month.


the best social media management tools

Another best social media management tools is Sendible. Sendible is a fantastic tool that will help you with managing your social media accounts and also performing engagement with the audience. This tool will also help you boost your social media posts. Thus, it will help you drive more engagement to your social media posts. Sendible supports social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Google My Business(GMB), Youtube, and Pinterest. It also supports blogging platforms like WordPress, Medium, Blogspot & Blogger, Tumblr. Sendible also provides you a 30-Day free trial. It also has the analytic feature that allows you to track the engagement rate on your social media accounts. It is quite cheaper than Buffer and Hootsuite because it allows users to schedule unlimited posts for a specific time. All the package of Sendible comes with 30days free trial. And on the yearly package, they even offer a 15% discount. 

As for pricing, the prices range from $29 to $299, and the services range from 12 to 192. The pricing goes $29 per month, $99 per month, $199 per month or $299 per month. And for a yearly package, the price goes $24 per month, $84 per month, $169 per month or $254 per month.

Social Pilot

manage all your social media

Social Pilot is one of the social media management tools that are quite similar to the other tools above tools. It supports social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Instagram, Pinterest. The main features of Social pilot are post scheduling, social media analytics, client management, content curation. It is quite cheaper. It can handle 25 to 100 accounts as per the package. Each package comes with 14-days free trial. The pricing ranges from $30 to $100.

The pricing goes $30 per month, $50 per month or $100 per month. But there is a particular discount when chosen the yearly package, and the pricing is $25 per month, $50 per month or $83.33 per month.

the best social media management tools is also a social media management tools for agencies, small business, or in-house marketing teams. This website helps you to schedule posts, receive analytical reports of all the seven social media that it supports. supports social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Telegram. was built to allow marketers to unlock the potential of social media marketing by creating excellent content, and adapting and being active on all the social media. It is one of the cheapest and best social media management tools. The price ranges from $7 to $204.99. Every package comes with free 14-days trial. They can manage from 5 to 300 social media account. Which is excellent for businesses having to handle more social media account.

The pricing goes $7 per month, $11.99 per month, $16.99 per month and $29.99 to $204.99 according to the number of social media account you want to handle.


popular social media tools

Loomly allows you to create, schedule share posts on social media. It also enables you to manage your calendar content, so you can already manage on which date what to post beforehand. So that you will not forget about posting anything on any social media. It also makes sure you never run out of inspiration through some additional features like RSS feeds, Twitter trends, Events, holidays, and date-celebration. Thus, it also helps you create outstanding posts and ads. The price range of Loomly lies from $36 to $299. They have provided the users free 15-days trial.

If you ask the pricing of Loomly, it goes $36 per month, $59 per month, $129 per month and $299 per month. 

Best social media image making tools


best social media management platform

Canva is among one of the best social media management tools if you want to create or edit images to your social media accounts. There are various features of Canva that allows its users to bring out the best possible image for their Social media accounts. The best thing is that they have already made the exact size that fits each social media individually. Thus, it makes the image fit perfectly in every social media without cutting of the image while uploading. It provides the user with millions of usable images plus allows the user to edit their images as they wish. You can find millions of template ideas, or you can even work on the template that they have already provided you. 

You can use Canva without paying a penny as the basic version is totally free. But there are more features that you can use on the paid version. The paid version costs $12.95 per month. But, the good news is that there is a 23% discount if you choose to go with the yearly plan. 


popular social media tools

Crello is a keen competition of Canva when it comes to photo editing sites. It is very much similar to Canva. But there’s one thing that Crello has that Canva doesn’t. It is creating animated content. Also, when it comes to file managing, there are quiet limitations in Canva. But in Crello, you can create as many folders as you require. For the monthly version $7.99 to $19.99, but if you take the yearly version, you can get a 17% discount. 

The pricing goes $7.99 per month for advanced version and $19.99 per month for the pro version. 

If you know any better tools, let us know in the comments below. Also, share your view with us regarding these tools.