There are millions of blog and blogging sites on the internet today. Some of them are about food or clothes or businesses. Some of them are even about someone’s biography. Writing a blog is very easy. Creating your blogging sites is also an easy thing to do. There are many blogging sites where you can present your blog. Writing a blog is not the main challenge. But, creating such a blog which your viewers read, again and again, is the main challenge for any blogger. Now that you are reading this blog, you must be a blogger who craves for more audience. Or someone who wants to start blogging.

If you are dreaming of being any type of blogger, for example, food blogger, travel blogger, or even a fashion blogger, you have come to the right place. So if you want to be a better blogger or you want to start a blog that attracts many audiences do go through every word. We will make sure you are perfect before you leave this page. But before that, let us make you clear about what blog is and how it is done. 

What is a blog?

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If you are reading this, you are reading a blog that will tell you how to start blogging. The blog is also known as web blog. You might have gone to google and searched on how to cook something or what is this/that. Then you might have gone to any page and read a paragraph-long about some particular thing. Well, anything that you read on the internet is a blog. Anything that you read on any type of website is a blog. It can also be about the biography of a person. It can be a written tutorial on how to cook any kind of dishes. A blog can be about something that relates to business. Or even about someone’s matter. There are no limitations to the topic you can get to write a blog.

Now, since you know what a blog is, you must be wondering where you can write one? Don’t worry. We have answers to this question also.

How to start blogging?

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Creating a blogging site is easy. You just need to find an excellent website that can build your blogging sites easily. There are thousands of sites which you can find on the internet easily. Those sites can create a blogging site for you in no matter of time. But you have to always remember one thing before making one. If you don’t use the right foundation to make your blogging site. You might get into some kind of trouble in the future. As a result, the content on your site can mix up, or even your blog can disappear. So you must be sure the website you chose to make your blogging site is trustable.

But if you want to create your own website, you can ring any programmer that you have on your mind. It can cost you a bit more, but it’s worth it. For now, let us give you a list of some of the top blogging platforms, where you can create your own website anytime, anywhere:




Since you know how to start blogging, now let us help you with how to make a blog that gets everyone’s eye. The steps are very simple. You just need to focus on every word:

Flow with the trend


There is a saying by Charles Darwin. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”. Any blogging sites that always posts about the same thing, in the same manner, will get viewers at first. But slowly the viewers will get bored of his/her content. And finally, they will stop to read it anymore. So if you want your blogging site to be on the top, you must always go with the flow. You should know what’s going on in the real world as well as in the world of the internet.

The use of social media is also on the peak nowadays. So you can also take some advantage of it. To know what’s trending, you must do a little more research. Use this to your advantage. And publish articles immediately related to trending news. 

Use of innovative titles

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You must have used social media. If so, you also must have noticed a beautiful girl or an attractive guy that gets thousand of like within a minute. But a simple girl/guy who is real on their appearance barely even get 100 likes. Sad but this is the reality. This situation also matches to your blog. No matter how excellent your blog can be. Your audience will always decide whether to read your blog or not through the title.  People still like exciting things to learn. If your title is captivating, then everyone will read your blog out of curiosity. So, your title should always be full of curiosity.

You can make use of words like top secret, most unique, or anything else that is mysterious. You can find tons of other examples. For that, you can google it up for more examples of some exciting titles.

Make it inspirational

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Who doesn’t love stories? People spend hours on their phone or on their computer to hear or tell stories. Most of the influencers uses stories to get most of the attention of their audiences. They can be telling the truth. Or even faking it. But in most cases, they pretend it to make themselves heard to the public. As we have mentioned, people love motivation. No one appreciates someone who became a billionaire overnight. Because they know no one can become a  billionaire overnight. Even you know it takes a lot of hard work to get on the top.

Hence, if you want your blog to be inspirational, mention stories of yours or someone you know. So that you can keep on entertaining your audience by your “made-up-or-not” story. So if you are planning to make a blog. Be sure you have your narration ready. How will they find out anyway?

Arresting content

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Wait a minute. When we say arresting content, it doesn’t mean making such content that will leave you behind bars. You must have heard on any love story. How people say, “the boy was captured by the arresting look of the girl”. Similarly, keep the audience in the place of the boy. And keep your blog on the place of the girl. Make a blog that arrests all the attention of your audience. Try to make the content on blogging sites the kind; people fall in love with. You can add images or videos or even gifs to your content. This will make your content even more interesting to look at.  Make it twisting to read, but it must be very understandable.

But if you are trying to sell anything through your blog. Make sure you describe your product in such a way that it is factual. But make it different and more interesting than rest. If you lack design skills or creativity at all, then hire someone to do it for you. Nothing speaks more than well-designed blogging sites.

Rhyme with the time

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Well, we don’t need to say this. But, you know how precious time is right? You see a beautiful dress on the store on your way back home. Or you see a fantastic deal on the thing that you have been craving to purchase. But you decide to buy or purchase it later. When you go to buy it the next they, the item will be already sold. Or by the time you try to purchase it, the deal ends. So you should always act the right moment, at the present moment. You should act according to time. When the rainy season is near. Most of the shopkeepers keep way more umbrellas or raincoats than usual. Because they know the demand for the raincoat or umbrella will be high during the rainy season. Similarly, there is a particular time for the maximum number of audience.

In the context of Nepal, the best time to post a blog on blogging sites, or any other social media is between 9 am to 7 pm. Be sure to do a quick research on timing before you post anything on the blog or on any social media platform.

Use it as the Starbucks style


Trust us when we say people follow a trend like crazy. And sometimes the trends that people follow will not even give sense. For example, once upon a time, the croc was a type of shoes that everybody disliked. But once the croc got viral, the demand for it also got very high. And people started wearing it anywhere and everywhere. Starbucks is unique for writing misspelled names of their customer on their cup. And most of the people post it on social media and brag about it and return again for the same drink. Thus, it made most of the people visit Starbucks just out of curiosity.

Similarly, make sure your content also has something. So that even your visitors leave your blogging sites, they remember your words. If you want to learn detailed tutorial on how to keep up and maintain your blogging sites. Let us help you with that. And if you want your business to grow, you can contact us anytime.