With requests from many business houses and professionals in Nepal. I along with my team held a Digital Marketing Strategy Bootcamp at Club Himalaya, Nagarkot from January 25 to January 28, 2019. I have to say this was a successful Bootcamp. There were 11 participants altogether from various such as Tourism, IT, Jewellery, Online Media, Architect, Service Apartments, Traditional Hotels, Security Service & Law firm.

List Of Participants For Bootcamp

By the end of the Bootcamp, they all took away a lot and were very happy with the time spent at Bootcamp. Not only were they able to decide the digital marketing strategy for their business. Also, they were able to build a good network with each other.

Two Day Residential Bootcamp


The first day of Bootcamp was all about the basics of digital marketing. It was about having the right mindset, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing & Bot Marketing. Most of them did not enjoy the first day but hey without knowing what tools and platform available you would not be able to decide the right strategy.

Next day it was the round table meeting with all participants, digital marketing experts and my team members. The round table meeting purpose was to brainstorm, discuss and formulate the best digital marketing strategy. My My My, the day was extensive, but everyone was pretty happy at the end of the day. The participants now have a clear picture of what they need to work on for implementing their digital marketing strategy. The result was the exact outcome that I had a vision of, with this Bootcamp.

During the strategy formulation, Search Engine Optimization was the most focused and crucial digital marketing strategy for all business. Hence, one of the participants raised a few questions. Should he do SEO Training in Nepal? Should he hire an SEO Agencies or SEO Consultant? This a common question that most businesses ask me.

Do Business Owners Need to Learn SEO?

A common question. Learning new skills is always beneficial as this will develop an individual. However, learning SEO by business owners who are working in another area of a business owner is not recommended. Mastering SEO comes over time and continuous learning. You cannot be SEO expert by few months training or even many years training. Unless you are working solely in the marketing department and you do not need to focus on another area of business, I would not recommend you to learn SEO. Instead, business owners need to learn some of the essential aspects of SEO such as keywords, measure performance, working on how to set up SEO Goal. One of important thing is to understand that SEO is a long-term strategy than short term strategy.

Why Digital Marketing In Nepal Important?

For those who are not aware of why digital marketing in Nepal is vital for every business. Below is my answer.

Nepal is moving into an era of being Digital Nepal Era. As per Nepal Telecom Authority, 2.25 million new users connected to the Internet in 2017, i.e. 250 new internet users in every hour in Nepal only. The increase in new users is due to the rise in popularity of many social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and online communications such as Viber, and Skype is getting popular in Nepal. Also, the rise is many telecom providers in an urban and rural part of Nepal has helped to increase mobile connection and smartphone penetration.

I remember those days in 2015 when I was trekking and travelling to remote places of Nepal such as Rara and Shankhuwasaba. There were so many things you could not find in those places but one thing surprised me was there were a couple of smartphone stores. It was proof that smartphone penetration has grown exponentially over the past few years.

Also, use of online entertainment services such Youtube, Iflix and e-commerce has grown exponentially. I even prefer using e-commerce platform such as Sastodeal, Merokirana rather than going to stores and buy the products. With these trends, it is time now all business owners and marketers need to start their digital marketing management and reach a broader audience using a combination of both traditional and digital marketing strategy. If you don’t, you along with your business will be left behind.

“I have already implemented digital marketing strategy, but I don’t get the desired result.”

I am used to this statement from many business houses and professions in Nepal. Even though business has been trying to utilise digital marketing to grow their business, only a few of them have been successful. The first reason and apparent reason is they do not have the right mindset towards digital marketing. You can say overall marketing. Where they are missing out is they are looking for a result right away from digital marketing. 

It is the common mistake they make. What they do is invest in a website, SEO, paid advertisement and after 2-3 months they once they do not get any return from them, they stop doing any of them. That is like you lose money as well as all your effort go in vain.

Another common practice is most of them have been outsourcing their digital marketing to agencies in Nepal. Most of them have not been satisfied with the services they are receiving due to the not only the fault of digital marketing agencies but also due to themselves. 

Problems such as lack of communication during goal setting, expectation & budget were significant. Rather than just blaming the digital marketing agencies, the major problem lies in business houses not having any say in strategy making as well as not being aware of various digital marketing strategies.

Hence, the solution to solving this problem resulted in Digital Marketing Bootcamp. If you are having a similar problem or having trouble making a digital marketing strategy for your business, then Bootcamp is the best way for forward for you. You can register your interest here.

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