The first time I applied for this domain name, it was a nightmare. There were no proper and clear instructions on how to get the domain name registration in Nepal. Every time I tried, I received an error message. Like: ‘submitted documents are not readable/unclear/broken’, even when everything seemed right.

Mercantile, who is the official domain name registrar for “”, did not have any contact number. And they never seemed to respond to emails. It was such a mess and frustrating. Luckily, I took help from my friend, who knew how to register a domain name for free. Hence I completed the process and got approved in a couple of days.

To save everyone with the same frustration, I have written this article. This article will be a step by step procedure to get free domain registration in this article.

Why Do You Need a Domain Name Registration In Nepal?

Anyone who is a business owner in Nepal must have heard about the importance of websites. In the present world of digital, every business needs a website. Your customer spends several hours each day on the internet. So why not let them know about your business through the internet.

Owning an official website for your business is essential. But you cannot do so without registering a domain name. Domain name registration allows you to create a unique identity for your brand. It inspires confidence among your customers and lets them know where they can find you.

How To Get A Free Domain Name Registration in Nepal?

So now you must be excited to get a free domain registration for your business. This process is best suitable if your business’s target audience is Nepalese. The reason is that the free domain name that you are going to get will have the extension of .np.

Furthermore, your domain registration process will vary, based on the name you choose. If you want a domain name related to your company’s name, then you will have to submit a particular set of documents. But when you enter your name, then the papers will differ.

Let’s dive into the methodologies of getting a free domain name registration in Nepal.

Step 1: Check Domain Availability

The first step is to open a web browser and type in your address bar. It is the official .np domain registration website. And also the best domain name registration company in Nepal.

domain name

As soon as you load the site, you will see a section named ‘Check domain availability’ at the front page. You have the option to enter your desired domain name in the given text box.

Submit either your company’s name or your name based on your preference. If you want to enter your name, then it must be accurate with the name published on your documents.

domain registration

Before entering anything, you need to make sure you are following the basic rules of selecting the best domain name. Some of the regulations include keeping it short and memorable for all. Additionally, you should try to avoid using hyphens and numbers in your domain name.

Step 2: Select The Desired Extension

You can select within a few variations of extensions such as,,,, and lots of other options. Click on ‘Search’ after you’ve chosen the best suitable extension for your free domain. You may find your domain extension to be boring or may not match with the agenda of your organization.

Even your desired extension might not be available at that time. So you can easily select the most optimal one based on a variety of options. While selecting the extensions, you need to learn about the uses of the extensions.

domain name registration

The most popular and best extension is .com, commercial organizations mostly use that. Other popular extensions are .edu, used by educational institutions, .org, used by non-profit organizations. And .info, used for informational websites that are not selling anything.

Step 3: Click on ‘Register now.’ 

Now you have selected the best extension for your domain name. Since you also have performed domain check on the website, you can thus click on ‘register now’ button. This button appears after the status of your domain name becomes available.

web domain

Step 4: Either Sign In or Create a User

So now you are going to purchase the domain name from the official .np domain registration site. For that, you need to sign in to their portal, or you need to create a new user if you are brand new to this website.

Enter your email address and your password if you already have an account on If not, then click on the ‘Create User’ option at the lower section of the fill-up form.

get domain

Step 5: Fill Up Your User Details

After clicking on create user, you will see a fill-up form where you have to add your details. The details include your full name, email address, and a new password that you want to set for this website. Insert the required information and click on ‘create an account’.

domain name

Step 6: Activate Your Account

In the previous step, you’ve provided your email address to the website. You’ll receive a confirmation email in your email address. The email will help you to activate your account. Click on ‘Verify’ button situated at the email sent by the registration website.

Step 7: Fill Up The Request Form

When you click on the “Activate” button at your email, you will get redirected to a sign-in page. Insert your email and password to sign in, and you will see a domain request form.

domain registration

This section will need plenty of information about your domain names — such information like name servers, administrative contact, and technical contact. For the name server section, you need to provide the following information in the text boxes.

Primary name server:

Secondary name server:

get domain

For “administrative contact” section, you will need to provide personal information. Information like: your address and contact details. You need to include your full name, country or region, province/state, city, address, email, and mobile number in the contact form.

domain name registration

In addition to that, you also need to provide the name of your organization. It is for the case of setting up a domain name with your company’s name. You can ignore that section if you are setting up a domain with your name.

You will also see a ‘technical contact’ form when you scroll down your ‘administrative form.’ Ignore the section and select ‘copy administrative contact’ tick box right above the form. It will copy the information that you have provided as your administrative contact with the technical contact form.

web domain

If you want to know what each section do, take help from the ‘help notes’ section placed at the right-hand side of the form. Also, do not forget to read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ before proceeding to another step.

Step 8: Submit The Required Documents

It is time to upload the necessary documents to the site. So the owners can accept your request after verifying the essential documents. Let’s talk about the process of registering a domain name based on your name.

domain name

For this process, you have to provide a scanned copy of your Nepalese citizenship certificate. The scanned copy must include both the front and backside of the citizenship.

While submitting the copy of your document, you need to take care of the file extensions. They will reject certificates in formats other than jpg, png, jpeg, gif, and SVG. They accept only these five file extensions so convert them before uploading.

In addition to that, you need to upload a handwritten copy of a cover letter. The cover letter should state why you are opting for new domain registration. Do not forget to write that cover letter at a black page and also include your signature in it.

Likewise, if you are getting domain ownership for your organization, you need to upload a different document. Instead of a scanned copy of your citizenship certificate, you need to attach a copy of the company registration certificate. Take care of the file extension before uploading.

Furthermore, you also need to write a cover letter similar to the previous case. You need to state your intention for web domain registration in the cover letter. And scan that file before uploading.

But apart from writing the cover letter on a blank page, you need to write it with the company’s letterhead. You need to make sure the cover letter has your signature included with the company’s stamp.

Now let’s talk about the case of registering a domain in the name of your company/organization. You must upload a scanned copy of citizenship certificate. But in this case, the citizenship certificate should be of the owner of the company.

Above all, any documents that you upload should be the size of fewer than 800 kilobytes (KB). You need to use appropriate tools to compress your document to meet this criterion.

However, the file that you upload file should be clear and easy to understand. So choose the online compressing tool wisely.

Step 9: Wait For Your Approval

Congratulations! Now that you have given all the information and submitted documents to the website. It is time for them to review and approve your application. Various factors will determine the approval of the application.

The website employees will now check your details like contact information, citizenship certificate, and cover letter. They might contact you if they find some error. Or if some critical information is missing in your application.

Then they will check all your information and select your domain name to be legitimate. After that, they will approve and contact you by either email or phone call. Usually, the time taken to complete the approval process is 2 to 3 working days.

Hurry Up And Get Your Free Domain Name Registration in Nepal!

If you follow these, then you can quickly get a free domain registration in Nepal. So do not wait any further! Get a domain name without spending a single rupee.

Even if you do not have your own business, you can still get a domain name at your name. And use it to promote yourself in the market.

If you are a graphic designer, then you can build a website to showcase your portfolio to the world. If you are an engineer, then broadcast your past experiences to your clients in a convenient way. Exhibit your most artistic works as a photographer in a beautiful website.

So now, you must be excited to start your digital journey by building a perfect site to showcase your skills.

The next step to get an elegant website is to select a suitable hosting for your domain name. Take a look at our article of web hosting to get a better insight into how to choose the perfect hosting plan.

The combination of a hosting plan and an ideal domain name is a recipe for building an invincible website. After you have created a domain name, now you will need a hosting website.

If you know what is hosting or you can do it, you can go to Hostgator. Once you have built an account, we will make a website for you. If you need more guidance about hosting follow up. We can help you with that.