If you want to buy something or learn something, almost all of you will probably go to google, right? Google is the top search engine that has more than 500 million users. Have you ever thought of earning tons through Google ads? Or have you ever thought “What if I advertise my business on Google?”.

Google ads is a platform for online advertising which was developed by Google. The advertisers pay to display advertisements, video content, service offering, or generating mobile applications to the web users within the Google ads network.

Google advertising

The great thing is that, by using google ads, you could even attract thousands of customers towards your business. Now imagine, among those 500 million users. Even if one million users reach your ads at least 100,000 of them will click on it. And driving at least 100,000 users is not a small this.

It’s a big deal! Now, you might be thinking “How to advertise on Google so that I could generate vast customers to make tons of money?”. So here are the top steps to drive engagement to your business through a website that actually converts:

Make a goal

Making a goal is very necessary for small to big businesses. Making a goal or two can be of great motivation. Setting goals can provide you with direction and make your vision more clear. Thus, you will know what your priority is, and it will help you act according to it.

advertise my business on google

Now when it comes to increasing your business sales through google ads, set your goals according to what you want. Some business like in the case of a clothing retailer, they might want to increase their sales rapidly, so their goal will be to attract tons of customers.

But some business goals will be quite different from that. Those businesses like real estate company which sells luxurious buildings or vast properties might want less customer. But the one who is quite sure about buying it. So set your goal according to your business and what you want. Not every business’s goal will be the same. So take the time to decide yours.

Target audience

Once you have made a goal, you must be quite sure about what audience you want to attract. Now let’s again take the example of clothing retailers. And let’s name it “ABC Clothes”. Every human needs clothes. But that doesn’t mean that clothes which ABC Clothes produces can fit all people.

keyword tool

Hence, if they produce those clothes only for a female that too of age from 20 to above, their target audience will be females of age 20 and above. Thus, when they advertise, they will be showing female bodies of that age.

Similarly, some business, for example, business that makes and sells alcohol targets those audiences that are especially above 18 or 22 according to the respective country. So, the right target audience will lead the right audience to your business.

Find keyword

Another main step that one should not forget while creating google ads is keyword research. The keyword is essential in every perspective of online marketing. It helps you attract the right audience to your website or business.

Now if you ask what keyword is, let us tell you. Keywords are basically a specific word that includes in the sentence that you type in on the search engine. The keyword is one of the important SEO tricks that helps you in google ranking.

If you want to go into more detail regarding this, you can check our previous blogs regarding top SEO tricks. You can also generate keyword for your blogs through various keyword generating sites. Once you finish finalizing the keywords, you can check the rank of the keyword through various online tools.

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Here are the top keyword tools that can help you in analyzing the keywords:

Prepare Creative Content

Now that you have got keywords on your hands, you can start preparing material for your site. Use those keywords while you make content. Also, prepare an image that will captivate the audience’s attention.

Make your title of the Google ads in such a way that they will be interested in your product or services. Also, be more specific about the location and don’t forget to mention the contact information so that your customers can contact you.

Landing page

advertise on google

Make sure the page that your customer lands on is the page they are expecting to land on. For example, if the google ads are about a beautiful dress, the customer might be expecting to land on the site where they sell that specific dress.

If they land on a website where they sell shoes, they will get disappointed. Even if they land on a site where there is not that exact dress, they might not be happy. And the happiness of the customer is everything right?

Thus, these are the things you should consider before advertising on google to get the maximum leads. If you own a website, our previous blog will give you tips and tricks to improve your ranking on google. Who doesn’t love their page to appear on the top?