Have you ever heard that creating a website is like building your own home on the internet? If that is the case, then what really could web hosting mean? Well, let me tell you that website hosting is a way to purchase a space on the internet where you can build an astonishing home of your own. Hence in this article, I have provided a detailed process for you to get web hosting in Nepal without any inconvenience.

You may want to learn about hosting web before getting to know the steps to host your website. Website hosting is a way to publish your site on the internet. When you register a domain name for your website, you give a specific name for your website, so your audience knows what to enter in their browser to reach you.

Similarly, when you opt for a web hosting, you purchase a certain space on a special computer, AKA servers, that stores all the information about your website. So let’s take it this way. You need a proper website hosting to store all the content related to your website, such as HTML, CSS, images, etc. on the internet. 

Which Is The Best Hosting Option For Your Website?

Before you select a hosting plan for your website, you need to study a bit regarding the different options available. To get a reliable hosting plan for your website, you need to know the criteria of your website. Does your website have a large amount of content? Or does your website has a massive audience base? 

You can pick the best hosting option for your website, based on the list of common options regarding hosting in Nepal. 

Shared Web Hosting

In this host service, people host lots of websites under the same server. It is also considered as the cheap web hosting option because the pricing is not much higher. 

Reseller Web Hosting

This hosting service is quite interesting because, with this option, you get to be a website host provider yourself. Pricing could be high, but you can search for a cheap reseller hosting options on the internet. 

Dedicated Server Hosting

You can opt for dedicated server web hosting if you want to get the complete control of a particular server. However, you do not own the server hardware. 

Apart from these three, there are numerous other web hosting services available that might be best for your website requirements. Some of those are managed web hosting, cloud hosting, cluster hosting, and grid hosting. 

When it comes to choosing the top web host service provider, you can rely on some of the best in the market, such as HostGator, Bluehost, SiteGround, Wix, and Hostinger. 

Explore Your Options For A Good Web Hosting In Nepal

When you type “best hosting company in Nepal” in your search bar of the browser, you will get a glimpse of various host companies. Such companies are ready to launch your website on the internet. But which one should you trust? You need to take care of the factors related to purchasing a hosting package.

The first and foremost thing you need to focus on is the budget you want to spend on your website. You can opt for budget hosting options if you are not planning to bring in a large number of audiences to your site. Similarly, you need to know the space that your website needs to store all the relevant content. 

Different host options provide different bandwidth and storage options. You could choose one of the cheap hosting plans, but it needs to have an unlimited bandwidth option. Your storage options should not be limited, as well. Thus I would advise you to stick with a cheap unlimited web hosting. Such web hosting that will allow you to transfer high amounts of data and handle a large audience base. 

In this article, I have provided the step-by-step guide that you can follow to host your website from Hostgator

Steps You Must Follow To Get A Reliable Web Hosting In Nepal

With a good domain name registered in your name and a visionary plan to build a stunning website, you are ready to purchase a reliable hosting package. Let me start the process of getting a perfect hosting without any further delay. 

Step 1: Enter the URL

Since I have mentioned earlier that I have chosen Hostgator as the web hosting company in Nepal to provide you with the hosting package. So the first step you need to take is to go to your browser. Then type https://www.hostgator.com/ in the search bar, as given in the screenshot below.


Step 2: Select The Hosting Option

When you load the home page of Hostgator, you’ll see a ‘Get started’ button right at the top. After you click on it, it will take you to web hosting plan page. Hostgator gives you three plans from which you can choose a suitable plan for your website.


You can scroll a bit down if you want to know more details about the plans. There you can see every aspect of the plan you choose. After you have decided on which plan to choose, you can click on the “Buy Now!” button. 

hosting web

Step 3: Personal SSD Hosting

Now that you’ve chosen the package for your domain name, you will see a form that you will need to fill out. It will ask for your domain and plan. You can either select Hatchling, Baby or Business according to what you have decided based on the details of the previous page. It will ask you to enter some data which you must do. 

domain hosting

You will get an SSL certificate for any packages that you choose in the given section. It will help you create a secure and robust connection between your server and the browser from which your audience will view your website. 

Step 4: Choose A Domain Name

Now let’s start with a domain name. Enter the domain name through, which you are going to purchase this hosting. They provide you with two different options you can choose from, as seen in the given screenshot.

reseller hosting

By default, it gives you the option to register a new domain for your hosting. So, in case you do not have your own domain name registered in your name then you may want to search for some available names for your website. For this process, you need to type in the desired name for your website in this search bar. 

server hosting

For example, as in the above screenshot, you can see that I had written servicebydigitalsupra.com in the search bar. Since there is no any sign of reserved on the search result. There is a green button saying “free”. it means that it is available. So if you want to register this domain name, then it is totally free. 

But if you already have a domain name, then you can skip registering a new domain and click on the “I Already Own This Domain”. 


After you have entered the domain name in the search box, you can down to the next step. 

Step 5: Choosing a hosting plan

In the same way, you have to focus on the configuration of your domain name. The first step was registering your domain name. Now the second step is choosing a plan. It will ask you package type, Billing Cycle, Username and Security Pin as in the image below.


After you have filled out all the form, scroll down for the third step.

Step 6: Review And Checkout

In this section, you have to give your billing information so the employees of the domain hosting company can contact you in case there are some technical difficulties. The text box includes your email, your name, company’s name, your phone number, address, city, state, your zip code, payment type, name on the card, credit card number, CVV code, the Expiration date of the card and tax ID. 


It won’t be a problem if you do not want to enter your company’s name, tax ID and additional address. But you have to insert other details compulsorily.

Remember, every data you enter must be accurate so recheck before jumping onto another step. The next step is about the additional services that HostGator provides.

Step 7: Additional services

It gives you an option to choose additional services from Hostgator. Some of the additional services are protecting your website from hackers, getting a professional email and more from Google Cloud, Back up services powered by CodeGuard and improving your search ranking and increase website visitors. You need to pay a little extra for these services, but it is worth all the penny. 


Step 9: Review and finalize

Finally, you will be given coupon code and a review order details according to the package you have chosen. Thus after completing all the sections in this page, click on ‘Checkout Now’. Congratulations! Now you have finally placed your order regarding domain registration and host from Hostgator.

Go Ahead And Get Your Own Hosting Now!

If you have reached this far then, I would like to say that you’re amazing! You are full of thorough of getting an authentic web hosting in Nepal. Utilize your knowledge and start your digital journey by registering your domain name and get a perfect package to launch your site on the internet. Good luck on your rewarding endeavour!