It is a shocking fact that more than 300 hours of videos have been uploaded right now while you are reading this. Who does not know about YouTube? YouTube is a video-sharing website where anyone can share their videos or watch other videos. After Google, YouTube has been the second top search engine over the world.

YouTube is a vast platform having over 1.9 billion users while hundreds of video being uploaded every second. Taking advantage of this fact, let us share with you a way to make you the next success story. If you don’t know that you could drive thousands of traffic to your business or website through YouTube, you have been doing it wrong all the way. 

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Well, being famous on YouTube is not that hard as you make it. You need to use the right tactics, and you are good to go. Here in this blog, we are going to tell you why you should promote YouTube video. 

If you are already a YouTuber feeling hard to attract viewers, this blog will open a door on how to get more views on YouTube. Additionally, we will also share with you the must-do things to promote your YouTube videos. But remember, you must not escape any step. 

Why promote YouTube video?

YouTube can be a great source of traffic for businesses or even for the website. If you use the right ways to attract the attention of your audience, you could be driving more than a million traffic. If not, you will hardly even get 5-6 traffics. 

how to promote a video

As YouTube having over 1.9 billion users, it is not that hard to get YouTube views of at least 100k people. People of all ages watch YouTube so you could attract people to your needs quickly. 

Now let’s jump into how to promote a video on YouTube and increase YouTube views to attract crazy traffic to your website pr business. If you haven’t created a YouTube video, note these steps before making a video and uploading it. And if you already have a channel with YouTube videos and it is not working out. Well, these steps will work magic for you.

Plan a content

Planning is crucial when you are going to do something. If you plan before you do, you will be clear about your goal. And also it will help you set your priorities. Thus, plan what type of video you are going to make and how you are going to make it. 

how to promote a video

Take time to make plans. You could even run a contest on the video. Simply tell your viewers to like, share and comment on your video, and subscribe to your channel to get a chance to win a luxurious gift hamper. Giveaways are the popular tactic that most of the YouTubers use to get attention as well as promote YouTube video. 

The main thing is that you should know how you want to drive your viewers to your business/website through video. Either way, you should create content that promotes your product or services or your business as a whole. 

But remember to make it look like you are not trying to promote something. Make entertaining content that your viewers won’t get bored. 

Prepare a quality-content

Once you have decided how to make a video to prepare it. Make a video as your plan. Make it look interesting. You can even use different background sounds to make it more entertaining rather than annoying. 

Make a high-quality video. You don’t want your audience to confuse you with an alien with all those blurry videos, right? So make a good-quality video. Well, we are not saying that your video should be of 8K UHD, but at least 1080p will work great too.

Remember the 30-second rule. If you cannot attract your audience past 30 seconds, then you should plan on creating something better. If the introduction part of the video is boring, it pushes your viewers away from your channel. 

You probably don’t want that.

Keywords research

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Keywords are a vital part of SEO optimizing your videos. When you use the correct keyword, the right audience will reach to your video. If you have little to absolutely no idea about SEO, you could read our previous blog

Thus, find keywords that match your videos correctly. Various websites will analyze the primary keyword for you. Not only that is will also help you find more secondary keywords. Here are some of the few sites:

  1. KWFinder
  2. Semrush
  3. Ahref

Make a Title

According to our research, most of the viewers decide whether to watch your video or not through the title. Not only title but the thumbnail too. If your title is straight and simple, they’re simply not going to watch your video. Make your title in such a way, that not only is unique but brings out the curiosity of your customers. 

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Do not forget to add keyword on your title. It is a must to mention keyword on your title. When you add the keyword, do not make it look forceful. E.g., if the keyword for your video is Facebook marketing, make the title something like “ace the Facebook marketing strategies with these nine steps”.

 Do not write something like “top steps to drive traffic from Facebook marketing”. The title might look average, but the meaning will come out different. You want to make the title smart and curiosity generating rather than straight and meaningless. 

Description and tags

The main important step to SEO optimize your YouTube channel/video is through descriptions. When your audience is going through your video, the first thing they’ll read is your description. What is your description saying? Is it what your audience came to look for?

how to promote a video

Be more clear on the description site. Explaining everything in the description won’t help you grow more viewers. But not explaining at all also won’t help. Make your description more enthralling than descriptive.

The main thing you should not forget while writing a description is the keyword. Do not forget to mention the keywords in your description. Make it look natural rather than stuffed up. 

Another thing you should not forget is tags. Using tags is equally important as using keywords. When you upload a video, you could use tags. Now what to use in the place of those tags? Well, you could use the primary as well as secondary keywords. Or you could even shorten your title and use as the tags. 

 Another great thing you could take advantage of the description is the linking feature. YouTube allows you to link to other websites as well in the description. So you can link to your website or the site which promotes your business. In this way, your audience can easily reach to your product or services or your website. 


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Well, we have already mentioned earlier that the main reason for your audience to choose your video over other is a captivating thumbnail and an enthralling title. 

If you have no idea about what thumbnail is, it is a short video or a picture that you see on the side of your YouTube video. You must have seen people commenting on other YouTuber’s video saying “this is a clickbait” or something like that. 

Well, clickbait is when the thumbnail shows a different thing that is not related to the video or that is not in the video. Click baiting is a great way to attract audiences, but it is wrong as well. You don’t want to make a thumbnail that is incredibly enthralling, but that part does not appear on the video. 

The only thing click-bait can lead to is a disappointment. Click-bait is a very rude way to promote YouTube video. You probably don’t want to make your audience angry and lose the chance to get a subscriber.

Share on social media

Social media is quite powerful as well as a great source of the audience for your websites or your YouTube videos. Take advantage of social media to the maximum. You could share your YouTube videos on social media as a post or as a message. You could maybe send the video as a message and ask them to share.

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You might want to ask us why we are mentioning business as well as websites over and over again. Website is very important when it comes to a business. Most of the start-up business or small business may need a website to expand. 

If your business has a website, it is great. You are one step ahead than most of the businesses. But if you don’t have, you can build a website anytime for your business and make your business grow like crazy!