There is no doubt, you have search something on google and see those top blogs on the first page of google. You must have dreamt of having your website on that page. Haven’t you? But, you do not know the inner workings of the digital world? Or you are not familiar with the term SEO analysis? Don’t worry. We have got the solution for you. Before that, let us tell you something. According to research, there are more than 1 billion websites. And there are more than 500 million blogs. Which means more than a thousand blogs are just about water. And google only show top 10 posts on the first search page.

Now imagine how competitive your blog must be to appear at the top. Well, it is all about SEO. Now, if you are wondering what SEO is, let us explain it to you.

What is SEO?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The name Search Engine Optimization itself says a lot. Search engine optimization is the practice of unpaid optimization of your web page. The optimization includes making specific updates on your website or webpage to improve your website ranking on the search page of google. Unlike paid optimization, SEO is organic that does not include paying. It helps you make your content more attractive on the search page. Plus, it brings more traffic to your website. And it also helps your page to appear on top of the search page. Which is every blogger’s dream, right?

Well, who doesn’t love their website to appear on the top of the search page? If you also want your dream to come true, this entire blog is for you only. 

What is SEO analysis?

SEO Analysis

Like every other search engine, Google also uses an algorithm to rank websites on the search page. SEO analysis works according to the Google algorithm. SEO analysis is a tool which holds a report that includes the details on how to improve your website ranking. It includes reviewing your website’s content, inbound links, structure. It even checks if your content is duplicated and evaluates it. To generate this report, you don’t need to download any software. There are various SEO tools out there, that will help you perform SEO analysis. Well, it might sound confusing right now. But, don’t worry, we will explain everything in detail to you. Stay with us till the end. And you can make your dream of making your website appear on the top of the search page, come true.

In this blog, you will be learning how to perform SEO analysis. So, SEO analysis basically consists of these steps:

Analyze your google rank

search engine

Suppose you went to a dance competition. You won all the other round. Now you finally get to the final round. The only chance for you to win the trophy is that you must be better than the rest. Think of Google as a dance competition and yourself as the website that you present on google. The only way you know your website is improving is by checking the rank of your website on the google search engine. There are hundreds of tools which will check the rank of your website. Some tools check not only the rank of your website but also the number of visitors. So be sure you always keep track of your rank.

Analyze your URL

Make sure the URL of your website or webpage is something that is easy to find and short. Include the keyword on your URL if you are posting any blog on your website. Keywords are those words that you use as the main word for your blog. Keywords are basically those words that people type in the search box to search for something. For example, the keyword for “how to boil water?” can be “boil water.” So be sure your URL consists of the keyword. Your URL can be something that is easy to remember. Simple URL will make your audience find you easily.

Analyze your title

Does your title contain the keyword? Is so you are ready to rock your title. If not, be sure to use the keyword of your respective blog on the title. Always make such a title that will make your audience click right away. But your title should be related to the content of your blog. Otherwise, your audience is going to be upset. And they will no longer read another blog post from your website. Not only the title of your blog, but the headings on your blog also must consist of keywords. Do quick keyword research and choose which keyword is suitable to make your heading.

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Analyze your meta description

Meta descriptions are important. Especially when it comes to capturing the audience through a google search. The meta description is the short description that comes with the title and URL on the google search box. Most of the people decide to read your blog on the basis of title and meta description. So write your meta descriptions in such a way that makes the curiosity level of your audience at peak. And they will click on your blog post right away to read it. Even if they don’t have any concern about your blog post.

In-Bound link analysis

SEO Analysis

An internal link is the link that you provide on your blog that lands on one of the pages of your website. Always make sure you give your link to your site. Giving your link doesn’t mean giving link anywhere on whichever page you want. It will increase the visitor of your another page, and if they like your content, they may end up subscribing to your website. The landing page(the page your audience see after clicking on the linked text) must be what the text where you have kept link is trying to say. Sometimes the test says something but the link shows another thing. Try to avoid such a situation as much as possible. Otherwise, your audience can be disappointed and angry.

You don’t want to lose your viewers, right?

Outbound links analysis

SEO Analysis

External links are also known as Outbound links. Just the difference is that external links direct toward other websites whereas, the internal link directs toward your site. Now you must be thinking, why would you link to another site. Well, when you link from your website to other websites, they will recognize your website. And if your website can help them in any way, they may even take some help. Or maybe they will also link your site on their blog.

According to the Google algorithm, external links are more important than the internal link. Because the only way to determine your popularity is through what others say about your website. But when you keep an external link, always be sure to check it from time to time. Because sometimes the link doesn’t work, or the website that you have linked to will shutdown. And when your audience tries to click on that link, it will not work. Such a thing will lead to disappointment as nobody wants to waste their time.

Mobile-friendly website

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It is of no surprise when you see a bus full of people using mobile. Anyone and everyone use mobile. Because it is portable and cheaper, unlike laptops. As people cannot carry their laptop or desktop everywhere, they carry mobile phones. They use mobile phone everywhere and at any time. People use mobile phones while they are having their breakfast. Some people use their phone right before they get up and before they go to bed. Thus, keeping it in mind, your website should always be mobile-friendly.

There are some websites out there, which is flawless on desktop but all unorganized when viewed from mobile. Try to avoid such a situation as much as possible. Google has also kept those websites that are mobile-friendly on their priority list.

Image analysis

SEO Analysis

Another important step not to miss on SEO analysis is to check your image. Always check if your image has an alt text and description or not. Alt text and alt description of the image is the text that appears when your image fails to load on your web-page. The alt text and description of your image must be a keyword or other popular keyword related to your keyword. For example, if the keyword of your blog is “image analysis,” then the alt text and description also must be “image analysis.” If you want to know why? Let us tell you.

Suppose a website named ABC created a blog on “Top cheapest sweater for this winter.” And the keyword of that blog post was “cheapest sweater.” So they kept the alt text and description of their image of the sweater as “cheapest sweater.” Now you want to buy a sweater for winter, and you go to google, and you type “cheapest sweater.” When someone searches for “cheapest sweater” on google, their image will appear on the image section. This way, when they click on the image, they will land on their blog. Thus, they will get more visitors.

Keyword consistency

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Another main factor that Google uses to rank the websites is keyword consistency. Keyword consistency is also a crucial step for SEO analysis. The Keyword consistency and keyword density are two different things. Keyword density is totaling the number of times you use keywords in your blog post. While keyword consistency is the using keyword on the right place like title, meta description, your post slug, and in image alt-description. How keyword consistency helps in page ranking is that google sends information about what your page to search engine. And when someone searches something with your keyword included, your page will also appear.

Keyword consistency will also avoid situations like click-baiting. Meaning: when you search for a dress and click on the image of the fantastic dress, it will end you to shoe website. And who even loves to be the victim of betrayal? If you want to learn more about digital marketing in detail, we can help you with that.