You must have a website or two. If you don’t have a website, but you are thinking to build one, we will be very happy to help you anytime you need our help. Once in a while, while your website is not attracting many viewers, you must have thought, “I need an SEO expert,” haven’t you? This blog is all about the essential SEO tips that every SEO expert uses. For some of you, you may ask what an SEO expert is? And some of you aren’t even clear about the term SEO. Previously, we talked about SEO and SEO analysis. If you still haven’t checked yet, do check it out.

Now let us talk about an SEO expert. SEO expert is a person who helps you with optimizing your website on the search results. He/she enables you to increase your website in google search engine. With an increase in the website ranking, your website will get more traffic, which will drive more engagement on your website. Thus, you will get more leads for your business. Well, now, you must be thinking, “I need an SEO expert so bad right now.” We’re here to give you a head-up on the basics of SEO here. So, follow along.

Have crawl-able URLs of all your pages

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“Bots,” “spiders,” “crawlers,” or “bots” are all the same. They are just a program that search engine uses to index by crawling through the content of your website. “Now what in the world is this crawlable URL?” must be the question on your brain. Don’t panic at all. We will clear your confusion right now. Crawlable URL are those URLs which bots can crawl through on the web. If your website takes your visitor to other pages not just being a dead end, then consider it as a crawlable webpage.

Actively research your primary keywords

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Keywords are very necessary when it comes to writing content. You must have heard about keywords. Keywords are especially those words that you type in the search box to find something on the internet. Use of right keywords on your website can lead to much more traffic and engagement. Most of the SEO experts never forget to set a primary keyword for websites. There are various tools which can help you with keyword research. When you choose a keyword for your blog or website, make sure it is the most searched ones.

Basically, your keyword must be something that can tell what your blog is all about. After you have chosen your keyword, find secondary keywords that you can use. Use those secondary keywords also in your blog. The main reason to do it is that it helps your website to appear on the search page when they type in the keyword. KWfinder is the best site to find keywords according to your location and language. You can also find the right SEO tools that will give you an overall analytic report of keywords like Semrush.

Check the SERPs of your selected keywords

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SERPs stands for search engine results page. For some of you, you might be thinking, “what in the world is this,” aren’t you? But, let us tell you the name only sound like that. It is something that you regularly see while you search. You must have searched for anything on google like, how to build a facebook account or anything else. The page that you end up on after clicking the searching something on the search engine is the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

After you have chosen your keyword search it up on the google page. These are the pages that Google thinks are relevant to the search query. Find out which pages ranks first and open their page. Analyze their content. Check how they have done it. Now, try to make similar content but don’t copy it. Get some ideas from it.

Evoke interest through great title tags and snippets

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The title plays a crucial role when it comes to attracting your audience and getting more viewers. Google ranks those pages higher that are liked most by the viewers. But how do these people decide which content to read? Through their title and snippets. Snippets are also called meta description. A meta description is a short description that you see on the search page below the title and the link bar.

When you search for something, the first thing that you read on the search page is title and description. Then you choose the best one that brings out the curiosity in you. Then you open the page. Right? So, now you realize how the title and snippets are really important for your website ranking. So tie your hard, fold your sleeves and start making a title and snippets that get everyone’s attention. Thus, work on the title and snippets and make your content stand out.

Employ rich snippets and schema markup

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Although this isn’t the case for everyone if your website has these capabilities, then go for them. Schema markups are the most potent forms of SEO that it uses the least. It helps you to improve your rank on the google search and also enables you to enhance your website to represent your website on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). They help you in making your content enjoyable and shows the users a little more about what your website is about on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

Schema markups are basically a code that you keep on the website that will help the search engine return a more factual and explanatory result to the users. It gives more informative representation to your website on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). There are various types of schema markups. Each has its way of representing your website on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Here are the types of schema markup:

Organization Schema Markup

Person Schema Markup

Local Business Schema Markup

Product & Offer Schema Markup

Breadcrumbs Markup

Article Schema Markup

Video Schema Markup

Event Schema Markup

Recipe Schema Markup

Rating/Review Schema Markup

Speed up your site

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Speed of your page to load is another main thing that you must consider to improve the ranking on the search result. More than anything else on the websites, search engines care about the loading speed of the website. Thus, google always chooses a faster website than a slower one. Speed of page has been the primary focus of Google since 2017 and will be for more years to come. Why it is something you must consider is because most of the viewers expect your page to load within 2-3 seconds. If your page takes way too long to load, then probably your visitors will be disappointed. And out of frustration, they will probably leave your website and choose the next website. So do your best to make your page load within 2-3 seconds. Otherwise, you don’t want to lose your visitors, do you? You can analyze the speed of your page with Google PageSpeed Insights. So be sure to make page speed of your website a top priority on your SEO expert checklist. 

Go for link-building

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Link-building means including links on your website that either land on your website or of the others. There are two types of link building. They are Inbound link and Outbound link. Inbound link-building is those links on your website that lands on your website. Outbound links are those links that fall on another website. Nothing can top like link-building. Not just in the real world but also in the virtual world. If you have great contacts, then half your work is done.

So, find out sites that will promote yours. Maybe by being a guest blogger or merely asking them to add your link to their website. All search engines want is for content creators to give them quality content so they can use this on their website. They don’t care about your keyword density. They only care about meeting the search needs of their users, so if you want to be ranked, then you have to go by their rules.