We are sure that you are very familiar with the term social media, aren’t you? Everyone you know have at least one social media account. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr these all are social media. There are hundreds of social media. And according to our research, there are more than 3 billion social media users. Amazing, isn’t it? Now imagine if only 1 million of its users reaches to your business, isn’t that just amazing? Social media has taken over the world. And if you aren’t using social media strategy, you should start one right now. Well, one should never underestimate the potentiality of social media. And so you shouldn’t. You must have used social media for entertainment purposes, for communication purposes or for sharing things.

But, have you ever even for once, thought of using social media to do businesses or do bring more leads to your business? If you are already working on social media for your business, this blog will help you work in the right terms. If you are new to the social media marketing world, welcome. This blog contains social media strategy that will help you on absolutely everything you need to do on social media. Well, this blog is all about social media marketing strategies. This blog will also tell you why creating a social media plan for small businesses helps it grow rapidly. But first, for those who are not clear about social media marketing, let us explain it to you.  

What is Social Media Marketing(SMM)?

Social Media Marketing

In simple words, social media marketing in short SMM is the most popular method of internet marketing that includes sharing or creating content on social media. Different social media have different purposes. Social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram are specially for sharing images and videos. Other social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, are especially used for sharing statuses, including photos, videos, or even gifs. The benefits of social media marketing are innumerable. Some people use social media for talking to their loved ones. Every second people are sharing something new. Some people are there to use social media for business purposes also. And this blog is all about it.

If you have a blog or blogging website, social media can be a great source as the views generator for your blog or website. People use social media for direct businesses where they connect through their customers through any social media network. Now that you have got ideas about Social media marketing let us tell you how to craft a great social media strategy. We have got such social media strategy which will not require any marketing experts to do it.

Set your goal

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Not every business target will be the same. Some people want more customers for their business through social media. Other people are satisfied with their present customer rate. But they want to hear feedback from their customers for improvement. People also use social media to track their competitors. They watch their competitors and learn from them. Different social media help you to capture audiences of different age groups. If you want your business to focus on getting more engagement and leads, you must work according to it. Or if you want your business to increase more brand awareness, you must work according to it.

If you’re going to use social media just to bring more audience to your blogging website, you must work according to it. So make sure what you want and work for it. Thus, it is necessary to know why you want to use social media to promote your business.

Be selective about your mediums

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As we have already mentioned above, different social media have different purposes. Now that you know your goal for your business, you can work according to it. Some of the top social media where you can get maximum of leads are Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr. If your business focuses on people aged 30 or more, then Facebook will be best. Or If your business targets an audience that are teens or young, then Instagram is the best place for you. If you are targeting audiences that are especially female, then Pinterest is the best place for you. And if you want to engage with other business owners as well, then LinkedIn is the best choice.

So you must focus only on those mediums that will get you more returns. Different social media have their own special features. Make sure you use every feature for your advantage. Plus, your target audience will not be present in all of them. Choose only a few of those where your audience is most active. This will save your time and effort. 

Decide on a publishing schedule

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Your publishing time is the most important thing that you must consider while posting on any social media. People are busy. No one sits in front of their laptop or mobile scrolling through 24/7. There is a certain time where your audience is high on certain social media. So when you post at that time, there is a high chance your post will get maximum attention. For e.g., most of the students are available from 4 pm to 8 pm after they have finished their classes or schools. And the uses of social media is high, especially when there is a holiday. So be sure you research the best time for posting on different social media individually.

Also, post frequently. Otherwise, they’ll forget you even exist. Post once a week or daily as per what you are doing. So, stick to a publishing schedule and don’t give your audience the chance to forget you. Luckily, for busy people like you considering social media strategy, there are a lot of social media marketing agencies that can do it for you. And if you are searching for best social media managing agencies in Nepal, we are here for you anytime you need any help.

Content will always rule no matter what

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One of the main reasons your audience will attract towards your business is through content. Content that you post anywhere, on social media, or on your website, should something that attracts your audience, not push them away. And when have to keep up with the schedule, there might be a temptation to run after quantity than quality. Don’t do this! Always look after quality rather than quantity. People are uploading millions of content every day on the internet regarding the same topic. So, if you want to stand out and be relevant, then you have to provide value in a unique way. Dig in and do some research before creating content.

Nowadays, videos are trending more than images and text. People are getting bored of reading thousands of words, but rather watches a video that is even 20 minutes long. You can use this as advantage, cause you don’t want to bore your audience right?

Consistency is the key

Nobody likes to follow someone on social media who are inconsistent about what they’re saying. Suppose, your social media is all about women empowerment and encouraging women to stand for themselves. But if you forgot to post on women’s day, then people are obviously going to talk bad about your page. And probably they will criticize you. Also, you don’t want to post something that disrespects men in the name of encouraging women. If someone else is handling your social media, inform them beforehand before it’s too late. 

Track your results

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One of the important social media strategy is to keep track of your progress. You should always know which post of yours on social media got the highest engagement and why. Also, you must know where most of your audience is from. If you are focusing people throughout the world, know which country is the most engaging one. And if you are trying to focus on only one country, know which place brings more engagement. Keep track of your post that receives least engagement and know why it isn’t getting more engagement. Once you realize why it isn’t working, don’t repeat it again. This way, you can learn from your own mistakes. There are many social media trackers than can help you out there.

Interact with your audience

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Another important social media strategy is to interact with your audience. Even writing one page about your service, there are going to be some people who will ask more questions. Be sure to answer them. If you cannot do them yourself, hire someone to do this job for you. People love giving their opinions on basically everything. The temptation is high when nobody wants to hear them and even higher when somebody wants to hear them. You will see comments flooding at the moment you post something. Keep an eye on them. When you answer to your audience, be patient. Even if they are being harsh on you. If you start to pick up a fight, your company’s or business’s reputation will surely go down the hill. So have patience. Some of them will ask you hundreds of questions. Answer all of them and clear the confusion.

Now you know these effective social media strategy to promote your product or services. But if you are new to digital marketing or social media marketing and you do not have any product, services, or website to promote. You can start your own personal blog of your interest and start promoting using the above strategies. Or you can even build your own website for your business. As your visitors increases, you can earn a lot of passive income. So, what are you waiting for. Go ahead and build your own website.