You must own a website, or you must be thinking of starting one. If you are thinking to start a website, we are right here. Being no. 1 digital marketing company in Nepal, we help your business grow. You can create your website anytime and anywhere. Now for those who already have one, you must be wondering how to increase traffic or how to increase website ranking on google. Google itself is one of the top search engines in the world. And who doesn’t love to rank their page on the top, right? If you don’t know the rank of your website, there are various website rank checker tools for you. Check your website ranking with some of the top website ranking tools:

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We are now coming to the main topic. To increase site ranking of your website on google, we have got something special for you. Well, you will not believe us when we say that Quora can do that job as well. Now some of you may say, “What is Quora?”. Quora is a question-and-answer website where you can ask a question, or you can answer them. You can find, answer and ask a question regarding anything. Quora is a great place where you can learn new and valuable things. Well, the truth is that Quora is a secret way to success for most of the bloggers or webmasters. Most of the bloggers and webmasters don’t mention it, but it is the truth. So, in this blog post, we are going to teach you such ways from which you can generate massive traffic through Quora to your website.

Create a Quora Account

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Without a Quora account, how can you drive traffic from Quora? It is very easy to create a Quora account. Quora gives you three options to sign up. The first one is through google, the second option is from Facebook, and the third one is by email. Once you choose which way you want to sign up, they ask you to select at least ten topics. Choose those topics that suit your website the most. Fill out your profile according to your website or business. You can connect to social media like Twitter and Facebook. Set up your page in such a way that it represents you, your business as well as your website. 

Research topics

Researching the topics is an important step while posting answers to Quora for bringing massive traffic to your website. You might ask why should you do it. Well, the reason is that it basically defines your website or your business from one side. If your website/business sells clothes, then, you should find topics that relate to fashion and style, dresses, clothes, trends, etc. You can find various topics regarding your website/business. Simply follow them. 

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Quora simply generates the content that you see on your timeline according to the topics you follow. So be sure you follow something more relevant. When you follow the topic, make sure it has adequate numbers of followers. Also, when you follow a topic, do check the number of questions people have asked. Follow those topics that have a significant amount of followers and questions asked. 

Keyword research

Keywords are those words that people type in to search for a specific thing. For example, some people might want to search for ‘how to start a blog”. Some of them may type “ways to start a blog”. Others may type “tips to start a blog”. But the main point is to start a blog. So the keyword will be “start a blog”. Thus, Keyword research is very important when it comes to posting on any site on the internet. It plays a huge role in increasing website ranking on Google. A right keyword can generate you the right audience in an enormous amount. You can generate keywords using different tools. 

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After generating a keyword, you need to create content using that keyword. Most of the bloggers say that keyword must be the type with high search volume and high competition. But, we say, a keyword should be of high search volume but low competition. In this way, your answer will appear on the top as the competition will be very low, but the audience that searches the keyword will be very high. Such keyword might be hard to find, and when you finally find one, you might feel a bit difficult to create content using such keywords. But, it is worth the hard work if you want to make your website appear on the top. Here are some of the best keyword generating tools:

Find questions

Now that you have done finalizing topics and keywords, you can start searching for questions. Find those questions that will represent your blog as well as clear their answer. E.g., if your website is about creating and selling shoes, you can find hundreds of questions regarding shoes on Quora. 

Answer the questions

For, e.g. if your website is all about selling healthy drinks and someone might ask what drink is suitable for a diabetic patient. You can answer by first explaining the perfect drink that is suitable for the patient. And if you sell that drink, you can add a link to your website saying, “We sell the best drinks that are suitable for diabetic people as well. Do check it out. ” 

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This way, you will answer the question as well as attract the customers from your answer. And they will visit your website. Or they might as well buy it. But first, to draw one’s attention to your answer, you must make a title that will catch the attention right away. Also, you can add some images to make it more arresting. Add links to your answers that lead to your website. But don’t just put the link anywhere. Always keep links in an appropriate place which will lead the customer to the page where they were expecting to land.  


A fantastic thing on Quora has an amazing feature to promote your blog on the Quora. Yes! You can promote your blog as well on Quora. All you need to do is create an ad account. It is very simple to create an ad account. All you need do is to go on Quora for Business page. Then you need to click on the “Start Now” button. They will ask you to fill out some forms. And there you have your Ad account. Next thing you need after creating a Quora ad account is to do is to create a Google Analytics Account.

Google Analytics is a web analytics software that allows you to analyze and track in-depth website traffic. It provides you with a valuable insight that can help you track as well as improve the success strategy of your website as well as business. Thus, in this way, you can keep track of how many visitors you have got through Quora. 

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You must follow all the steps and not even miss a single point. These steps are very crucial if you want to increase your website ranking on Google with the help of Quora. After you have followed everything, the last step you need to follow is to have patience. Your answer might take time for people to notice it. But don’t worry, you just need to have patience. From one visitor to two to ten to hundred to thousand, your visitor will slowly increase. Also, if you want to know more ways to increase your website traffic and increase your website ranking, you can visit our previous blog. You will learn about the top SEO expert checklist to increase your website ranking.